Israeli startup introduces gourmet Dead Sea salt

Israeli startup introduces gourmet Dead Sea salt.

Adding salt to your food is about to become much healthier and tastier thanks to a new Israeli product that is dubbing itself the “the world’s healthiest gourmet salt.” It’s known as Naked Sea Salt and the wholesome granules come from the shores of the Dead Sea.

Entrepreneur Ari Fruchter, founder and CEO of the new social enterprise, worked with chefs, salt experts and environmentalists to perfect the new product. The beautifully packaged salt-herb mixes come in 20 flavors, among them mint&sundried tomato; garlic&ginger; and green seaweed. Fruchter turned to the crowdsourcing platform

The company surpassed its opening funding goal of $10,000 within the first 48 hours.

“Our supporters have awed us with their generosity,” says Fruchter. “Meeting our minimum order within the first two days is incredible. It’s a compelling testament to the appeal of mineral-rich salt, the enthusiasm it inspires, and the hunger for natural, healthy, top-quality salt that exists in today’s global market.”

Fruchter first thought about shaking up the salt industry in 2011, when he helped bring American art photographer Spencer Tunick to Israel to raise awareness for the Dead Sea. In fact, he says ISRAEL21c’s coverage of Tunick’s nude photo shoot helped spike global interest.


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